Assistance with risk assessment and danger analysis

Most of all due to the CE marking now even many small and medium-sized businesses are focusing on the issue of danger analysis. The danger analysis required by law is a crucial step on the way to CE marking. Its results are the basis for the assembly and mounting of safety devices as well as for the compilation of operation instructions that comply with the directive. 

The danger analysis and risk assessment enables us to support machine manufacturers as early as the design phase but also after completion when it comes to the assembly of your machines in accordance with the safety guidelines.

Damage to a machine is expensive; damage to person is tragic.

Optimal machine and plant safety can prevent severe accidents and even fatal casualties. Safeguarding machines that could become a danger to employees should have top priority for managers.

In addition we offer consultation for machine and system operators according to the legal requirements of the industrial safety regulations. During the process of assessing risks and dangers you will profit from our long-time experience in producing and customising safety guards and devices.