Safety distances for reaching through openings

  1. If the length of a slot is ≤ 65 mm the thumb acts as a stop. The safety distance can then be reduced to 200 mm.
  2. The measurements specified correspond to the width of square aperture, the diameter of a circular aperture or the length   of the smallest side of a slot.
    For openings > 120 mm the safety distances for reaching over must be used.
  1. Protective structures less than 1000 mm in height are not included because they do not sufficiently restrict movement of the body.
  2. Protective structures lower than 1400 mm should not be used without additional safety measures in high risk zones.
  3. The above value applies to low risk. The values in the yellow areas apply to high risk or additional safety measures must be used.

Access and/or contact to hazardous, moving parts must be prevented. If danger spots and sources or danger cannot be avoided through machine design measures, the machine must be equipped with guards. In order to protect persons and their body parts the specified safety distances must be observed.